The main structure and working principle of concrete pumps 1) The main structure and pumping principle The following order of HBT60 Zoomlion concrete pump for example, describes its structural features and pumping principle: : HBT60 concrete pump from the hopper, pumping systems, hydraulic systems, cleaning systems, electrical systems, motors, chassis and other components running. Pumping mechanism by the two master cylinder tank, reversing device, two concrete cylinders ,, two concrete living, hoppers, dispensing valve (S-shaped valve), arm, two swing cylinder and outlet components. Concrete pistons are connected to the master cylinder piston rod, in the role of the master cylinder hydraulic oil, for reciprocation, a cylinder advancing, the other cylinder back; concrete cylinder custom made ce standard ring gear for cement mixer communicating with the hopper outlet, a dispensing valve terminating the discharge port, the other end can splined shaft and arm connection, under the action of oscillating cylinder, can swing around. When pumping concrete material, in the role of the master cylinder, piston forward concrete, concrete piston back while swinging action under the fuel tank, dispensing valve in communication with concrete, concrete cylinder in communication with the hopper. Such concrete piston back, put concrete suction hopper concrete cylinders, piston forward concrete, concrete cylinder concrete material into the dispensing valve is pumped out. When the concrete piston stroke back to the terminal, triggering tank commutation means a change to the master cylinder, while the swing cylinder commutation, the dispensing valve in communication with the concrete cylinders, concrete cylinder in communication with the hopper, then the piston back, forward. Day cycles, in order to achieve continuous pumping. When the anti-pump, by anti-pump operation, so in the intake stroke of concrete cylinder and a dispensing valve in communication, in the push stroke concrete cylinder communicating with the hopper, which will withdraw the line of concrete hopper Discharge operation to complete pumping system by assigning the changeover valve and the suction of concrete, so concrete pumps dispensing valve is a key component of the type it will directly affect the performance of the concrete pump. 2) several common types of dispensing valve (1) The vertical axis of the butterfly valve On the channel hopper, concrete cylinder and concrete between the pump outlet, set up a butterfly plate, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod driven butterfly board flip, so that the cylinder with the delivery pipe and set get hopper different channels. The valve has a simple structure, small size, concrete runner short commutation small resistance and easy maintenance features. 1500l concrete and cement mixer made in china Sectional area of ​​the flow path due to concrete changes in the larger, inhalation runner direction change and intense, thus pumping large resistance in the dispensing valve, so little concrete pumping pressure, long service life. (2) S-shaped valve S-shaped valve placed in the hopper, the outlet end of the concrete pump is turned on, and the other end in the role of two hydraulic cylinder rod reciprocating swing, respectively, with two concrete cylinder is turned on, when the valve is turned on and the concrete pump cylinder when the pump cylinder pressure pumping concrete, concrete suction cylinder at this time; while the S-shaped valve and pump concrete cylinder is turned on, the cylinder nip cylinder inhalation concrete, so to achieve suction and discharge process. Valve itself is part of the delivery tube, flow cross-sectional shape does not change, and set the wear plate wear ring. Worn wearing parts for easy maintenance and replacement. Pressure due to pumping concrete, has a transmission distance and delivery height of features. (3) C-shaped valve ( C-shaped valve placed in the hopper, the outlet end of the concrete pump is turned on, and the other end in the role of two hydraulic cylinder rod reciprocating swing, respectively, with two concrete cylinders 7 is turned on, to achieve suction and discharge process. The application of the valve may have the following features: easy to remove residual concrete, pumping concrete after cleaning the entire transport system, without opening the duct can put the sponge ball anti-pump suction for cleaning pipelines; Easy valve replacement; china good quality jzm series portable cement concrete mixer wear plate valve contact surface between the sealing ring automatically by the automatic wear compensation amount; valve using thick manganese steel materials, wear-resistant; no similar valve swing axis, the concrete can flow directly into the concrete cylinder, high suction efficiency; valve bearing located outside the area of ​​concrete, can be exempted from regular maintenance; strong adaptability to aggregate. 4) inclined type gate valve The valve is disposed in the rear feed, both to reduce the height of the hopper, but also makes the pump compact mixer without prejudice to the collection hopper discharge, two hydraulic cylinders each have a gate valve in the hydraulic cylinder piston cylinder action to do the next reciprocating movement, the open or close concrete inlet and discharge port of the action. This valve adaptability concrete is strong, but the structure is complicated. Remove the hopper required when replacing the valve, so the maintenance inconvenience. The material back to the use of shaped pipes, pressure loss is large, it is small concrete pumping pressure. Gate valve is used to lubricate the grease in a job easily into china cheap skid loader concrete mixer-js500 the concrete, and therefore belongs to consumables, the need to constantly replenish.